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Corporate Transport has been started as a company that utilizes some of the same vehicles as Unified Party Bus. The main difference is that Corporate Transport vehicles do not have the name "Party" anywhere on them. They typically have upgraded interiors with upholstered seats and are all air conditioned. The primary reason for starting this new company was because while most companies in Wichita have come to understand and trust what we do as being a safe fun and reliable form of transportation, there are some companies that are very reserved and requested buses that did not say "Party" on the them. In addition we deal with meeting planners from all over the United States who from time to time were a little concerned about using us because we were a "party bus company". If you have used us for your company transportation before you already know what a reputable company we are. But for those of you who haven't, this will hopefully ease your mind. Below is a little history about Ivan who started Unified Party Bus 6 years ago.

Corporate Transport Bus


Unified Party Bus was started 6 years ago during the time Ivan was working for the Kansas Highway Patrol. Ivan has always loved to have fun however he doesn’t drink. Because of this, he was always the designated driver. After realizing there wasn’t a service available to get a group of people around safely and in style while having lots of fun he decided to start a business that did just that. Unified Party bus was started in 2004 with one bus.


At the age of 23 Ivan knew he wanted a way for people to have a great time and be able to drink on the bus if they chose, however he didn’t want to go to jail for it. After researching this for quite some time and after filling out pages and pages of paperwork it was officially legal to do just that. After almost 6 years, Unified Party Bus is very proud to be accident free, incident free and has only had to cancel 2 trips because of mechanical malfunctions. One in the winter of 2005 during the ice storm because the bus wasn’t able to make it over the downed power lines in the driveway and once in the winter of 2008 when a steel hydraulic line broke on the way to Hutchinson at 9pm. Our 24 hour maintenance company wasn't able to get the part to fix it. This type of maintenance record is exceptional considering the number of trips that Unified Party Bus does each year.


Corporate Transport Bus

Safety comes first. Fun comes second.


I can assure you we were the best company and the only company when we started 6 years ago. We are also the best company today and will continue to have integrity and hold our morals high so you will agree we are the best for years to come.

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